True Feel

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A Chicago star reporter investigates a murder in which the suspect is an exotic dancer, his love-so-hot interest. He has nothing but love and respect for this girl of intrigue, and she, despite his handicap, sees a rave of truth in him.

True Feel is a buckled sidewalk Marion Rafino wheels through. He is casing a
lurid killing in Texas, and the main suspect is exotic dancer Credence, his love interest.

In the beginning, Marion claims: “I am a reporter for a major newspaper, capable of
doing practically anything in my life. When I stumble upon a person whose face
resembles a photo tucked in our murder file, the first thing I do is make my affection
valid…and my investigation relentless.”

Credence upon meeting Marion says: “While at a boutique, I see this man in a wheelchair
looking for scented soap. I lend a hand, of course. But at a glance, he shies away. It is
when I see him again at my workplace does he get into my business desperately.”

Marion notices her again, this time working at a Chicago nightclub. A fellow reporter
with him thinks she looks familiar and asks Marion to anticipate where they may have
seen her first.

Snapshot taken from the butchery scene in Corpus Christi is reexamined. But it does not
convince Marion. It just brings a dab of inquest every time he goes back to the nightclub.
He discovers that Credence belongs to an entrepreneurial group that dances its way
across the country. To make his urge whole, he travels down south to singlehandedly try
to solve the murder.

But does he find the pitfall he fears the most? If Credence is the girl in the picture, what
then? Does he lose all hope, even in a medical frontier procedure that can make him walk

TED BERNAL GUEVARA is also the author of A Circle with Two Corners, Days of
Slint and Lips of a Mastodon