360 to Paradise

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360 TO PARADISE is a roller coaster of sex, drugs and throwing a middle finger at authority.A drama about teenagers transitioning into adulthood. And it ain't silky smooth. The growing pains are like launching off a 50-foot skateboard ramp and smacking headfirst into cement.Welcome to smoking hot babes at East Beach, epic waves breaking at Rincon, massive illegal raves in the mountains, and legendary parties in I.V. - Isla Vista - also known as H.I.V. for all the rampant, drunken sex that goes down.Cody Reese, 18, thinks he's the crown prince of Paradise aka Santa Barbara, California.His golden existence is about to blow up. But now he's got to survive the next 24 hours: * His dealer wants to kill him.* He knocked up his best friend.* And his Parole Officer's dying to throw him back in the slammer.Come hop on the back of Cody Reese's skateboard. And take the ride of a lifetime.

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