Angel Whispering

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Learn How to Speak to Your Spirit Guides

A 2009 Pew Research Center survey revealed that 29% of people surveyed believed they had been in touch with someone who has died.

What if you didn’t have to wait for that chance encounter? What if you could whisper to your angels on the other side whenever you wanted? Angel Whispering will help you do just that. If you apply the techniques in this book, you will:

know the difference between spirit communication and wishful thinking
learn how to avoid potentially dangerous earthbound spirits
understand the communication that you receive
never miss a message from the other side again

If you’ve always wanted to speak to your spirit helpers, you need this book!

Laura Giles, LCSW is a spiritual teacher who offers classes, counseling, and spiritual tours to sacred destinations around the globe. You can visit her at or

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