Before We Loved: Part 1

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One dead man.
A blood-stained floor.
And a love too powerful to ignore.

Being interrogated in a police station, Katie Sanders has no memories of what's just happened. As a detective questions her, Katie's hazy memories of the past begin to fade in. As the events begin to unfold, Katie realizes that her life may be in danger--and she doesn't know who she can trust. Turning to the sexy and strong Blake Newman for comfort may be the answer to her prayers--or the biggest mistake she's ever made.
Torn between needing to love him and giving him everything he desires, Katie feels compelled to hide behind her fears and her past. Determined to protect her sister from a relapse, Katie finds herself thrown together with Blake, fighting an attraction she cannot seem to ignore. As they grow closer, they both realize that they belong together. When passion ignites, her heart realizes it only wants one man, but someone else isn't willing to let her go that easily. Now, it's up to Katie to fight for what she's wanted all along.

***Part 1 of 2***