Elementary Virtue: The Amulet

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Who needs immortality—the poison chalice of eternal life, doomed to watch the love of his life and everyone he’s ever loved slowly fade away and die?

18-year-old Gregory has only just become immortal, and he hates it. Being a Savior gave him far more than elemental powers, and it seems that he is now destined to be the unwilling guardian of the clan against the mafia-like Vultures for all eternity.

There is one way out—finding the third and final amulet which the prophecies claim will enable him to a normal life, mortality and freedom.

Determined to reclaim all three and the beautiful Leyla, Gregory is in a race against time on a journey that will take him across the world, fighting against a domino effect of rumors working against him.

With the revenge-crazed Gabe hot on his heels, who this time is after taking everything away from him - Eternal life, incredible power and Leyla - he will need every last ounce of strength to deliver the amulet to the tribal eldest in British Columbia—or be doomed to a fate worse than death…