God Will Do The Impossible

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Get ready to experience the impossible.

Get ready to see what God can achieve in your life.

God can do anything and everything. You see it in everyday situations all the time and you may not always consciously think about it, but it is always there at the back of your mind.

Now, with God Will do the Impossible you can begin to understand just how all-powerful He is as you are treated to some insights into what He can do for you, if you allow it.

Author Kelechi Nicholas Nzeocha writes with a passion and deep understanding of God, with chapters on:

The impossible God

God knows you

Learning about God’s own timing

Unlocking the door to the impossible

Unleashing your faith

The power of prayer

And more…

Interspersed with passages from the scriptures, God Will do the Impossible is a valuable insight into a God that is often taken for granted, but who can do truly remarkable things when we allow him to.

Read this book and see how God does the impossible, every