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It starts with a singer on a single rock stage.

His name is Todd Collins, and he never thought too much about tomorrow. Tall, handsome and blue-eyed, music has been his life…and life is about to change.

Mysterious and uncommonly beautiful, Jean Vallos walks into his life from nowhere one night, taking him out of his safe, normal world and into her own.
Can he escape? Does he want to?

What she does to him is unconscionable…yet Todd is drawn to her. She manages to reach him, body, mind and spirit, sparking passions deep within him. He wants her despite himself. Irresistibly, his desire for this outlaw of a woman pulls him closer to her.

And what will happen when he can no longer resist? What will happen to him if he surrenders as completely as she desires?

For Jean has secrets hiding behind her strange, white eyes.

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