Simplified Nutrition and Weight Management

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What do the words REALISTIC, MODERATION, BALANCE, LONG-TERM BEHAVIOR CHANGE and HEALTHY PACE have in common? They are often the most overlooked, yet most necessary components, for nutrition and weight loss success.

Think of it as thai chi for the mind. Through slow, purposeful, actions and activities, we’re going to set short-term realistic ambitions and build the long-term behavior change framework necessary for a healthy body and healthy weight for the rest of our lives.

We’ll identify food behavior problems and work on confidence and motivation in order to tackle them one by one. Tapping into balance and moderation, you’ll see that you can still enjoy all that life has to offer while still slowly seeing the weight drop off for good.

Through science-based information, we’ll learn how nutrition can be fun and work with you and your goals. We’ll gain insight into functional foods and disease prevention and learn how hormones can affect your weight and what you can do about it.

Come with me on this journey and give yourself the tools, skills and confidence needed to take control of your life and sustain lasting, positive changes.

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