Stroke to Success

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Imagine a journey of going from the mindset of a newborn baby to becoming a Personal Sales Trainer, encouraging growth and inspiring people to find their confident voice. Suzy Wigstadt was 28-years-old when a hemiplegic migraine, resulted in a stroke. She had to fight for her confidence and learn cognitive, emotional and physical skills … twice.

When asked if she felt the same after her stroke, Suzy didn’t know how to answer. A friend answered, “You’re the same, just stronger!”

In her debut book, Stroke to Success Suzy shares the story of being a professional sales person and photographer, suffering a stroke, her long road to a full recovery, and finding her voice and true passion for people along the way. Within these pages you’ll find, inspiration, business tips to gain your dream client’s trust, and how to recognize your voice of confidence and make a difference in your life.

Discover how you can turn life’s adversities into your greatest strengths!


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