The Battles

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Whatever your Big Dream is, it's never too late to achieve it. Embark on a spectacular journey that will change your life.

Maybe you don't even know your big dream yet. You are not alone.

Have you ever wondered what the secret of success is? This self-help workbook carries the answers in a creative new way.

Set in the year 3000 in a dystopian future where humanity has fallen from its highest potential, Magnus Battles decides to save mankind from the approaching apocalypse.

He sets up a series of arduous challenges and selects 5 young people who will compete for the ultimate prize, a magic amulet granting supernatural powers. Thus, the winner of The Battles will lead humanity toward a brighter tomorrow.

But first, Magnus must deal with the Bad Forces’ mole, whose task is to undermine his noble plans. Will he succeed?

Magnus Battles’ lessons are based on a proven system, elaborated long time ago by Wallace D. Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich.

In this 6-Step Success Bootcamp you will learn how to:

  • Unclutter your mind, boost your brain function and focus on your goals,

  • Prepare your body for success and improve your overall health and fitness,

  • Define your life purpose and know what you want,

  • Dream big,

  • Believe in yourself and in your goals,

  • Find your strongest faculties and improve your strengths,

  • Acquire active power consciousness (and discover what that is),

  • Identify your excuses and get rid of your “ifs”,

  • Stop being a puppet and take control of your life,

  • Make this planet a better place, by taking the right actions for yourself.

Be the Next Hero! Unleash your unsuspected potentials and faculties you already possess.

If you want a proven success blueprint, jam packed with positive energy and best motivational quotes, then you’ll love this uplifting narration including authentic how-to-get-what-you-want exercises by the most influential architect of the Law of Attraction, Wallace D. Wattles. Buy The Battles today and reshape your future!

**This edition comes along with 3 special free gifts included.**