The Goblin Remedy

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Light years away, in a galaxy littered with inhabited planets, a son ventures forth to uphold a name and prove his worth. The life of a smuggler is all Malcom has ever known. In fact, he comes from a long line of distinguished profiteers, including his father who recently traded in his pistol for senatorial robes.

A heated disagreement with his father pushes the young man to take on a task, laced with adventure and possible death, when he meets Gruk, a Nubulan Goblin. The unlikely pair travel across the universe in hopes of restoring the three-inch, green goblin to his rightful home, while rewarding Malcom with a 'remedy' of vast wealth. However, the escapade transforms into a mission of mercy for a people forced into the bonds of slavery by heartless men and ruthless machines.

A Sci-Fi tale of courage, friendship, and good encountering evil; The Goblin Remedy is ideal for young and old alike. It will capture your imagination, lift your spirits, and teach you a thing or two about doing what's right. Download a copy and begin the adventure today.

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