FLORENCE: A Traveler's Guide to its GEMS & GIANTS

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Created for today's attention-challenged traveler, this Florence city guidebook links the back-stories of the Renaissance giants with the historical sites throughout the city. It uses micro-content and visual richness to enable the reader to come away as the smartest person in the room, without the commitment of heavy reading.

Think: "PEOPLE Magazine" meets the Michelanagelo

Included is a line-up of the star-powered Renaissance celebrities: Michelangelo, Raphael, Dante, Galileo, da Vinci, Donatello, Machiavelli, and plenty more. A brief synopsis of the Renaissance serves as the backdrop to the fun tales, trivia, factoids, and a huge cache of personally-shot rich photographs.

Appealing to the traveler that wants to know more than simply where to eat or drink, Civalleri's unique approach is proving to fill a gap in traditional travel books that has not yet been fully addressed. She merges her lifelong loves of travel and deep history to create a new genre of guidebook for the vacationer that cherishes deep travel. Civalleri dismantled an exciting albeit complex part of history and reassembled it piece by piece into bits of microcontent that will suit even the most time-constrained Florence tourist.

Stories & Tales include:
- The Pirate Pope
- Execution of a Mad Monk
- The Plague Doctor
- Skull Worship
- Punching Michelangelo
- Da Vinci's Secret Woman
- Kidnapped into Slavery
- Dead Man's Quarry
... and much more.

For those that are not 'art aficionados', Florence can be a daunting city to visit, so this book is for you. The author has broken down the history of the city into a multitude of pieces, then reassembled them piece by piece into bite-sized nuggets that are easy to digest, and fun to absorb.

Pairing perfectly with FLORENCE Gems & Giants, the author has hand-created the FLORENCE FunBook. Complete with puzzles, games, and quests, Civalleri has found yet another fun way for you to absorb the richness that Florence has to offer.

Currently in the works are similar brand-building books from Venice and Rome.

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