Kunklestick's Prophecy: Accounts of Furlasia Book

Even the darkest, stormiest night has a bit of light. But what happens if you take away that light? That little, tiny beacon of hope. Nikalas Noise is about to find out, when one fateful night, he finds a portal, a portal to Furlasia. It’s a fantastic place, a place of unique beauty, a place of magic. But there’s something very wrong with this utopia, a sickness is spreading, a sickness named Septus. 
Under the leadership of the elderly wizard known only as, Kunklestick, Nikalas is about to learn the ways of magic, for it is he who is destined to end the darkness. Can he push aside his own insecurities to become the wizard Furlasia needs him to be? Or will Septus succeed in his quest to punish all those who hurt him?

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