Leon and the Magical Bird: Author's Special

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Collector's item version of the book. (Author's Special Edition)

"...you can run away, and I will catch you again. If you escape me again, I will catch you once more." – Leon

"Leon and the Magical Bird"

The great war is coming, but the only man by the name of Nardus the Great who could possibly stop it is dying. The ticking clock created panic in the realm. To snatch him out of the jaws of death, the kingdom finds only one cure – a mythical bird.

Leon, a small game hunter, had to accept the dangerous mission that could save his father’s life. His journey will put him against the hardest challenges of the human, the natural and the arcane.

Will Leon have the grit to make it? Would he believe his eyes when he finds out exactly what the creature really is? Can love give him power to succeed, or it will just lead him to his own tragedy?

Compulsively readable, Leon and the Magical Bird is an emotionally potent story, exciting and humourous, with striking and memorable characters.

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