Mormonism without Theism

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This book explores the origins of the Mormon religion from a non-theistic point of view. Using primary source evidence, the author discusses and examines how Joseph Smith drew upon the literature, culture, and religious attitudes of his time to forge the origins of Mormonism. This book focuses on both the theological and mythological aspects of the faith. Special attention is given to the Book of Mormon, the Mormon priesthoods, the first and second visions, the book of Abraham, the Mormon godhead, the three degrees of glory, baptisms for the dead, eternal marriages, and the endowment ceremony. Providing a comprehensive picture, the author also traces how Joseph Smith transitioned from a folk magician into a prophet of God. Several quotations from the primary sources are used to substantiate the author's reconstruction of Mormon origins, all of which are referenced with parenthetical or clickable end-note citations. This book comes complete with a bibliography and interactive table of contents. All quotes, citations, and bibliographical entries were formatted in Chicago (Turabian) style.

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