Negotiating for Success

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In this highly-rated book the author, University of Michigan business school professor George Siedel, presents a practical introduction to the strategies and skills that are essential to your success in personal and business negotiations.

We all negotiate on a daily basis. We negotiate with our spouses, children, parents and friends. We negotiate when we rent an apartment, buy a car, purchase a house and apply for a job. Your ability to negotiate might even be the most important factor in your career advancement. And negotiation is also key to business success. Contracting capability, which is the ability to negotiate and perform successful contracts, is the most important function in any organization.

Whether you are in a personal setting or a business setting this book covers the entire process of negotiation from your decision to negotiate through an evaluation of your negotiation performance. It does so by following the four key stages of negotiation: (1) Prepare to Negotiate, (2) Use Key Strategies and Tactics During Negotiations, (3) Close Your Negotiation with a Binding Contract, and (4) Perform and Evaluate Your Agreement.

Based on the latest research and the experience of negotiators worldwide this book will, within these four key stages of negotiation, enable you to: (1) complete a negotiation analysis that includes your reservation price and zone of potential agreement, (2) use decision trees to calculate your alternatives if the negotiation is unsuccessful, (3) assess your negotiating style, (4) increase your negotiating power, (5) decide how to resolve ethical dilemmas during negotiations, (6) use psychological tools and avoid psychological traps during negotiations, and (7) evaluate your performance as a negotiator.

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