Star Wolf


Launching from a precarious foothold on Fort Alliance, Catarina Vargus leads her fleet deep into hostile territory, trying to secure a base to support the fleet's operations against the brutal Apex menace. Scandian star wolves infest the sector, led by marauder captains who have vowed to eliminate the navy incursion into their territory.

When Catarina gets a signal from a battered navy destroyer limping in from the inner frontier, she takes a small task force to investigate, and is soon sucked into a civil war brewing among various Scandian factions.

Meanwhile, an Apex harvester ship has entered the sector, and threatens to bring its war of extermination back into human-controlled space.

The second book of the new sci-fi trilogy by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michael Wallace, Star Wolf is an exciting space opera for both new readers and fans of the bestselling Starship Blackbeard universe alike.

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