The HabitSystem

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Many people want to change their life; they want to implement new habits to grow. Unfortunately, more often than not, these attempts fail. The HabitSystem is a simple yet powerful approach to finally implement habits long-term. The HabitSystem does not care about quick fixes. It cares about big impact in the long run. Because sustainable change is what matters.

In three sections, each likened to one component of a mighty oak tree, the reader learns how habits can be formed. The HabitSystem is not a motivational feel-good book. It also is not a book with funny and pseudo-inspirational anecdotes. Rather, the HabitSystem is a highly practical book: instead of making you feel good, the HabitSystem provides you with proven and simple techniques that have worked for many people before you.

The first section analyzes why habits often do not work as intended—and provides you with the right mindset to change that. Upon reading it, you will…
• learn about the two main reasons for failure with new habits
• learn why simple systems beat complex planning
• understand the idea behind Start Slow Then Grow
• learn about the five elements of successful habits
• be provided with an easy to follow framework that can be used right now

The second section provides you with the tools that help you to do activities consistently and to track your progress. Upon reading it, you will…
• learn how habits can be classified based on the Habit Taxonomy
• learn about the three Habit Spheres and how they are related
• learn about the peculiarities of the Spillover Effect
• be able to to easily track your progress with Habit Tracking
• be able to create a chain of success that does not break
• learn how to get rid of bad habits

The third section provides you with more than a dozen habits for your inspiration and an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to help you getting started. Upon reading it, you will…
• understand the three types of growth
• be provided with more than a dozen habits, explained in detail
• learn about an unconventional approach to exploring new activities
• acquire the skill to learn anything and make everything a habit
• be provided with a step-by-step guide to set up your HabitSystem


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