Conscious Robots: Facing up to the reality of being human

“An absolutely necessary book”, “Should be taught in schools”, “Dynamite, this is a brilliant book”, “Bad Ass!” - see the reviews on 
Conscious Robots challenges us to face up to the reality of being human: just because we're conscious doesn't mean we're not robots. So what would we do with free will if we really had it? And how does “being a robot” explain why life, as Buddha suggested, is “inherently unsatisfactory”, despite our luxurious homes, successful careers and loving families? 
Conscious Robots shows why we’re so convinced that we’re in charge, when we’re really just carrying out our evolved pre-programmed instructions. And reveals the inevitable future, how one day humans will take control of their conscious minds, get happy and stay happy. But it will come too late for you, Dear Reader… so no point buying the book. Unless you’re extremely rich, of course. Then you can pay for the neurochemical research yourself. 
“Easy to understand and persuasive” “Reminded me of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett”

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