HAUNTED: The GHOSTS that share our world

HERE - IN 92,000 WORDS, across 350-plus pages - eyewitnesses to the unknown describe their bizarre brushes with ghosts. Author-journalist John Pinkney has investigated several thousand hauntings,and this collection contains many of his most intriguing cases.

Against a background of authentic photographs and artwork, Pinkney's unique book describes *The case of the newsreader who died at the microphone - then haunted his radio station for the following 25 years. *The 'asphalt apparitions' that haunt highways worldwide - prompting some authorities to install roadsigns warning living drivers. * The mansion owner who,
after intense detective work, discovered her resident ghost's horrific secret.*The 
drowned man's face that invaded an official police photograph. *The furious phantom that shocked a million TV viewers.* Telephone calls from the tsunami dead. And much more.

This enthralling book is a comprehensive survey of modern hauntings - offering authentic reports and analysis of supernatural events in the 20th and 21st centuries.

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