INSTANT RESULTS: Vision To Success

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I love this book!
I can relate to Livia's personal life story and the struggles she had to overcome to become the successful women she is today.
Livia's book is a must read premier for those who have a dream and want to accomplish your dreams.
-- Claudia Nzeba, Miss Africa Netherlands 2016

Livia's life story is testimony of how we can achieve success and happiness by first creating metaphysical changes within us.
It’s no brainer for anyone to grab a copy for themselves and another copy for their loved ones.”
-- Jack HM Wong, Serial Entrepreneur, Amazon Best Selling Author and International Tax Expert

I finally found someone I can relate to! Livia inspired me to do better in life. Livia is truly an inspiration!
-- Cindy Peh, Entrepreneur

Livia grew up in Indonesia in a normal, middle-class, traditional family.
In the past, she spent most of her time hiding behind her family, buying into the cultural idea that “a good girl is a girl who serves the family and stays behind for the family.”
She was existing, passing from one day to the next, but she never felt fulfilled. She was already in her late twenties, her friends married and having kids, when she asked herself a serious question: “Is this the kind of life I want for myself?”

The answer, of course, was “no.” She decided to follow her heart and pursue her dream. From the time that she was a small kid, she had wanted to travel abroad and discover different people and their cultures. She was finally doing it. Accepted into a Master’s Degree program in Oslo, she made a tough choice to instead become an au pair. The people around her thought she was crazy.

Soon after that, Livia met her husband, and they formed a life for themselves in the Netherlands. It was a struggle, and although her husband was earning a solid living from his work, she wanted to depend on him as little as possible. Struggled in finding a job and failed in business. Through struggle and sweat, she finally found her voice. She has set a mission for herself: to inspire the people around her to discover their own voice.

This book includes the practical strategies and tools you can implement.

You can make your dreams come true just as she has.

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