Paranormal America    

Experienced the unexplained through the eyes of your fellow Americans as you read one story from each state.

A collection of unexplained paranormal experiences, Paranormal America takes you all across the country where it finds everyday people with something truly remarkable to share.

Inside you'll find tales of meddling ghosts moving items around houses and apartments, keeping the living inhabitants baffled and afraid. 

You'll read about alien abductions that led to missing time linked with unexplained dreams. 

Read about your distant neighbors that have seen creatures they can't explain or witnessed dark figures with ominous intentions. Even some tales of demonic possession and inanimate objects that take on a presence are to be found between these pages.

In an exceptionally rare case, you'll read about a father who reconnects with his child from a previous life. 

There are truly no exceptions to the strange and unexplained phenomena that take place every day across the country. 

Read for yourself the events that often times changed their lives and opened their minds to endless possibilities!