Plain Jane: A Punxsutawney Amish Novel

Jane Schmucker is on a quest for independence, having been raised with an iron fist and with little love by her relatives. When she reads the novel, Jane Eyre, it inspires her to leave Punxsutawney and head to Cherry Creek, New York for a job. Although 20, she's naive about the ways of the world and falls for the charms of a very attractive Amish man, Jonas Hershberger. Although arrogant and mysterious, can she change him like Jane Eyre's goodness changed Mr. Rochester? Or will Luke Miller, her childhood friend, prayers be heard? Bring Jane back to all who love her in Punxsutawney! Bring her back to me! Can an elderly Amish woman and kind bishop in Cherry Creek, along with a Seneca Native American friend in Salamanca, New York, help her find sure footing for her feet?

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