Sharing Winter (A Crack in the Ice: Post-Apocalyptic Tales of Man-Love Book 3)     

Subjected to Master’s harsh instruction for months, Gabriel Winter has learned to accept his submissive side. In a cold post-apocalyptic world where pain is sometimes pleasure, can Gabriel find happiness bound in icy chains of love?
***Warning*** This book is for adults only. It contains dark themes including dubious consent. Do not read if you are sensitive to this subject. Also contains graphic sexual acts with multiple male partners and harsh language.
Kevin squeezed the leash in his hand. He turned away disgusted as Brick pulled out his penis and went to his knees behind Gabe.
Gabriel was grateful that Brick was sober enough to rub spit on his cock before he shoved it inside him. It was a rough fuck, though, that lasted a while because of the alcohol. He could see some of the others watching, and he hoped that they wouldn’t join in. 
Against his will, his felt himself growing hard. Master noticed what was happening, and he walked past Kevin to stand over Gabriel.
When Gabe felt Master looming above him, he started to tremble. He was always to make himself available for use, but he wasn’t supposed to enjoy it—except with Master’s permission, of course. 
“My little bitch must be in heat,” he said and rubbed Gabriel’s erect penis with the toe of his boot. 
Gabe had his head down, and Master grabbed his hair and pulled it so that he could see his face. “I’ll have to punish you for this,” he said. Gabriel went pale at his words just as Brick came in his ass. Master took the leash from Kevin and led Gabe to an alcove in the mine. It was what he considered his room. Kevin reluctantly followed behind them knowing what he was going to have to do.
The alcove had a mattress, desk, and a chair. It had lights strung inside and a chest. There was a cheap portable closet next to a wall. “Jay,” Kevin said, but Master ignored him. He left Gabriel in the middle of the alcove and walked towards the closet. Kevin rushed to catch him. “Please,” he begged and put a hand on his arm.
That got Jayson Master’s full attention. His step brother seldom touched him anymore willingly. “I’ll let you—,” Kevin started and had to take a breath. “Leave him alone, and I’ll let you…” he finished lamely.