The Facebook Chronicles     

I came onto the internet a novice and got involved with social media in an effort to stay connected to the kids in my life. I had to learn the hard way that not everything on the internet is true, much is plagiarized, and a lot can just disappear at a moment’s notice. I was never put in Facebook Prison, but I know many who were. Most of them were just posting or reposting articles that were not favorable to Obama or Hillary. I learned what my purpose was and I came to Facebook every day to fulfill that purpose. Do I understand SnapChat or the power of Instagram or how to market via Pinterest? No. Do I believe everyone should have an interest in politics? In some ways, yes. What our government does is supposed to be what the people want, not what the politicians want, so we have an obligation as Americans to know what they’re doing, which is almost always the opposite of what they say they’ll do. Facebook became my pulpit, my journal, my activist outlet. My notes on Facebook ranged from political to Christmas stories to history and rants. Facebook friends grew to the maximum, and together we did what we had to do. Many had never been on Facebook before 2008, most had never been involved with politics, and many spent 8 years learning the internet, Facebook and who they were. I don't trust the media in any way anymore, but Facebook got me through the Obama years.


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