The Order (A Gods and Kings Chronicle)

An assassin seeks redemption.
A princess seeks freedom.
A mortal seeks to become a god.

Death mage, warlock, wizard. Marcus has gone by many titles, though most simply call him Phirop, assassin for the gods. But now the gods are dead, and the secretive brotherhood that Marcus serves wishes to replace them. To save himself and his family, Marcus is forced into an alliance with his sworn enemy. But salvation comes at a price. To buy his family a new life, Marcus must break into the king's palace and steal the Orb of Azure, an ancient weapon capable of reshaping the world.

Calycia is desperate to escape her arranged marriage to the king's nephew. Thankfully, she has a secret that might set her free. She bears the blood of the old gods, making her the first woman in a hundred generations capable of sorcery. Sadly, she doesn't know the words to a single spell. As her wedding day draws near, Calycia learns a dark truth: she is not the object of her fiancĂ©'s desires - he seeks the magic blood coursing through her veins.

When Marcus's brotherhood instigates a revolt on the day of the royal wedding, Calycia and Marcus find themselves on separate sides of the conflict. With the world falling into chaos, they are each thrust upon a desperate race. Godhood awaits the first mortal to seize the Orb of Azure. Will such divine powers lead Marcus and Calycia to immortality or an early grave?

Epic Fantasy Books in the Series

The Order: A stand-alone prequel to The Guardian and The Guardian Stone
The Guardian: The Gods and Kings Chronicles Book 1
The Guardian Stone: The Gods and Kings Chronicles Book 2

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