The Power Vested in Me Book 2 The Seekers Part 1     

The Stardust, Jason, Pippa, Stuart, Zak and Heidi, return in the second adventure of the Power Vested in Me trilogy, this time becoming the Seekers. The book begins with the enigmatic Starkey, sending the teenagers he invested so much power in when they were newly born, on another quest but this time they just have to find a single item. To complete their task the five must enter the Land of Nod, a place they can only travel to in their dreams. Once there, they realise that they are traveling through the signs of the zodiac, encountering magic and mystery, while guided by the illusive Scholar. But malevolence is everywhere so will they prove worthy of their new task? Is failure even an option? In their day to day life the Stardust are studying for their GCSE’s, whilst embroiled in family lives and living in a country that’s being changed and influenced by people such as the mysterious faith healer Madame Labbett, and the prominent political figure Brett Devlin and his rapidly rising Sanction Party. In this journey of two parts as they encounter new faces and old faces, they begin to wonder if the only evil they are to encounter will be whilst they are asleep.