The Sorceress' Prophecy

"WOW!!!!! This book had so much depth and originality."

" A complex story that is both gripping and full of unexpected twists it will leave your head spinning."

"Felt like I was reading the eighth Harry Potter book with a Lestat edge to it. AWESOME!"

A storm is coming. Witches, Wolves and Vampires prepare to eliminate each other. All for the sake of ruling the magic-rich city of Urbia. Kaia's mother is taken by someone, or something... throwing the innocent girl into a world of absolute evil...and WITCHCRAFT.

When she joins "The Fraternity", a witch coven for the otherworldly and the "magically inclined", she quickly realizes her family is already well known in the wizarding world...and much hated. All because of a prophecy made by an ancient witch, Lilith, involving her ancestors' bloodline.

Will she survive the blood lust of the Vampires, or the Cannibalism of the Lycans? Will she discover what happened to her mother?

If you enjoy JK Rowling, Anne Rice or Neil Gaiman, this is a ride you won't want to miss!

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