Vermin under the Skin

A dark fantasy set in the grim future of brainwashed mutants, zombies with a conscience, and celestial anomalies, 'Vermin under the Skin' is sure make your spine tingle! The illustrated pages tell a tale of gory battles for survival, science experiments gone horribly wrong, and the unlikely bonds created between total strangers. “Chaos reigned after the fall of the Utopia. In the present day, centuries into the future, history has been rewritten and nothing of those peaceful times is remembered. Humans and Mutants live together in Territories across the Empire. A Mutt, half Human and half Canine, named Alistar Noelani finds himself caught in a series of star-crossed encounters that land him in a battle for freedom between Celestial Beasts and their Master. As the vermin under his skin drives him to his limits and his past reveals itself, how could he ever be the same? Is the battle for truth and a new empire worth all that he will sacrifice?”

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