52 Weeks Meal Planner Journal: Meal Planning Made Easy and Fun


Plan your weekly meals in this journal. It is very straightforward and easy to use. Because not everyone starts their weekly meal plan on Monday, the journal is designed in a way that you can fill in the week days depending on the day your plan kicks off. The journal is very spacious with a section for recording your favorite meals. With this you will not run out of ideas of meals to include in your meal plans. So whenever you come across or try a new recipe that you love and may want to try again, record it in this section. Because there are many recipes out there it is very easy to forget some of the recipes you loved. Once you have this section filled, you can always refer to it for meal ideas for the week. The planner also includes sections for recording your shopping/grocery list for the list as well as a notes section for any other business that needs to be recorded. It is very hard to deliver healthy meals to you or your family especially when you are busy without meal planning and this journal will sort that out.

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