Apocalypse Coming: A Survival Novel (The Tears of Ephraim Book 1)

Part of the west coast is recovering from a series of devastating earthquakes. This caused a record drop in the stock market, and due to a national debt of twenty trillion dollars, the value of the dollar is on the edge of collapsing.
At the same time, after a civil rights organization is hijacked, riots start breaking out across the country, which could lead to a new civil war.
Our enemies see our weakness and know it's time to take their place as world leaders. However, they must neutralize the American command structure first. Two countries have come up with a way and have set everything into motion to do just that.
Vince and Kim Johnson live on a farm forty miles to the southeast of Kansas City, Missouri. After serving seventeen years in the Army, due to an injury, Vince had to take a medical retirement. Now, all he thinks he has to fight is cabin fever. Little does he know that a chain of events is about to take place that will test all his training and skills.
He must also learn how to balance two types of love from two different women and not let temptation consume him.
Both must band together with family, inexperienced friends, plus four of the men Vince served with years earlier, to prepare for and try to survive a time unlike any in our history.
We are writing this three-book series to hopefully get all of us to check things out for ourselves so that we won't be deceived.
We also need to prepare for the unexpected, emergencies and even disasters. In any survival situation, preparation is essential. When we have to depend on someone else or some government agency, that is when we must also comply with their requirements and demands. If it is a scenario like in the book, there may not be a government agency available to assist us.

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