Ashley's Amish Adventures: Attending an Amish Wedding, Book 2

"This book gives readers a very rare peek into life in an Amish community." --Tracy Lee, Author and Pastor
"This one also contains a visit to Lancaster, PA. ...Highly recommended." --Amazon Top 500 Reviewer 
Now includes even more photos than the first book! 

Ever wondered what it would be like to go inside an Amish home, make Amish friends, or go to an Amish wedding? In this sequel to Ashley's Amish Adventures: An Outsider Living With the Amish, now you can experience it all for yourself in this 100% true story for middle grade readers, young adults and adults.

In this second book of the series, bestselling author Ashley Emma returns to the Amish community of Unity, Maine to attend an Amish wedding and brings along her twelve-year-old dance student, Hailey. Because of this journal's rare photos, you will literally get to see the places you are reading about as you read. 

In the first book, twenty-year-old Ashley experiences the Amish way of life as she rides in buggies, attends church, makes cheese from scratch, helps make 100 quarts of applesauce, bakes Amish desserts in a bakery, learns Amish customs, and teaches in the schoolhouse. In this continuing story, Ashley does some of these things again, reunites with her friends in Unity, and also has lunch with an Amish family who is close to her relatives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

What does inside an Amish home look like? What happens at an Amish wedding? These books will not just answer these questions, they will show you what it truly means to be Amish. 

Come along to experience this extraordinary group of people and join Ashley on these amazing Amish adventures!

Note: Depending on what type of Kindle you have, the photos may be black and white instead of color.
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"This is the second one that I have read in the adventure series. It was interesting to me as I was able to learn more about the manner in which the Amish live. This one was about a wedding and that is something I had never read about previously. The wedding itself is 3 hours long but the actual vows and ceremony take about 5 minutes... And, there is no finery at the wedding.This one also contains a visit to Lancaster, PA. ...Highly recommended."
--Off Grid...And Loving It..., Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

"An intriguing and riveting read! This book gives readers a very rare peek into life in an Amish community. The author personally immersed herself into the Amish life, in order to authentically portray their passion to contentment, simplicity and faith as the setting for an adventure of a lifetime... The characters she introduces us to are so real and relatable, despite the fact that they live such distinct lives from what would be considered main stream modern America! In fact, there is a sense of envy that causes an inevitable reflection on what we consider to be necessary and essential in our daily lives. It was a refreshing read!"
--Tracy Lee, author and pastor

"I LOVE these Amish books by Ashley Emma. They not only grab your interest and keep you reading, they give you a feel like you know a few Amish people and care about them... There is also a homespun gentleness and honesty about the spiritual side of these differences. If everyone acted like this, Christianity would have a better world view and there would be less hatred in the world..."
--Chris McKay Pierce, author of Customer Service can be Murder

"...Reading about her in-depth, genuine curiosity and appreciation for the people she met on her adventure into the Amish community felt like an intimate behind-the-scenes tour."
--Marie Schaeller, bestselling author of Breaking the Chains of Silence