Black Opal (Amulets Book 3)

Sabina Comte has two passions — singing and Adam Morelly. One has brought her fame and fortune. The other might get her killed.
Sabina possesses a power amulet from the gods. Megalomaniac Victoria Price not only wants the amulet, she wants Adam as well. Killing Sabina would give her both. If dealing with Victoria isn't enough, Sabina discovers Adam's uncle belongs to the mafia. She becomes increasingly suspicious of Adam when he keeps showing up right after someone's tried to kill her. Sabina begins to wonder if Adam and his uncle know about her amulet and are after it too. But even doubt and suspicion cannot alter the growing attraction she has for Adam. When he is badly injured, Sabina puts her heart on the line and races to his side, determined to save him. She is about to find out if love will send her careening toward the celestial heavens or plant her six feet under.

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