March to Opulence: A Special Assortment of Classics, Biographies, Histories, Speeches, and More, for the Makers of a Bright Tomorrow     

A unique selection of over forty, delightful, inspiring, and illuminating writings of the world, specially compiled for young sculptors of tomorrow's world.

What are some of the finest tales across various genres, from various cultures of the world? What makes authors like Tolstoy and Twain, Valmiki and Wilde, so special? How did icons of science like Nikola Tesla, or artists like Leonardo da Vinci evolve to greatness? What is Jalaluddin Rumi’s contribution to Sufi Islamic thought? Whether free thinking masses are a nuisance to world order, or they often bring about avalanches of progress. Could Dostoevsky, or upheavals in France and India throw light on this?

These pages address all this and much more, through memorable extracts from classic literature, biographies, essays, histories, and speeches. Along with providing amusement, the range of overarching topics and varying opinions presented, will also help readers build a well rounded personality across multiple parameters of personal development. Potentially a permanent member of your household bookshelf, for young ones, as well as their guardians.

We have leveraged our experience in aggregation and summarization of digital content such as reader opinions and popularity charts, to select extracts most appropriate for the book’s target audience and intent, with minimal personal bias.