Mindset Press: Conquering Your Thoughts With Confidence

Hello, everyone! Thank you for coming to my page. I have great hopes of helping others and I truly believe that my book, Mindset Press, is a great tool to do just that - help.
One great thing about the book that is worth noting, is that it is already written. Yes, that is correct. There is no need to wait for me to put my thoughts down on paper!
Here are a few questions asked and answered about my book.

What is this book about?
This book is about developing and regaining a strong mindset. One that ensures us how great we can actually be.
Who is this book intended for?
This book is for anyone who needs a little push to help guide them in the right direction mentally. It’s for those who are seeking a renewed mind.
What can readers gain from your book Mindset Press?
Readers will gain the understanding that their qualifications doesn’t always depend on someone’s ranking of them. If so, many of us will never be qualified to do anything. By the end of the book, readers will know that they are somebody, special and unique.
With the funds raised, I will be able to get my book printed as well as formatted to a digital copy. The funds will help me to promote my books on various websites as well. Also, one of the biggest goals is to get my book on bookstore shelves. There, it will have more opportunities to reach others and inspire change in people's lives. 
Anything that you can do will help out tremendously. There is no gift too small for a cause such as this. Help me to be able to help others. Thanks in advance.

Risks and challenges

Throughout this process, some challenges might occur. I am not expecting any, but just in case they do arise I will be ready. Although unwanted, I will continue to communicate with my backers and share any and all information as I learn about them. I pray nothing goes wrong, but I do understand they we do not live in a perfect world.