Mithraic Guardian: Sentinals Series Book 1 (Sentinels)     

An ancient artifact calls....

Cressidia Markham hasn't always had it easy hiding her 'odd' abilities throughout her life, and is now hiding them from the scientific community, which has had its moment. But almost being entombed in an ancient temple and then psychically marrying the temple's resident alien demi-god is over the top even for her.

Alexandros Terranson aka Mithras aka ancient semi-alien demi god Sentinel, is the most frustrating, enthralling and powerful man she has ever encountered. With him she can be herself and explore all her abilities but can she get through this without risking everything that she is.

Alex has never met any other human who has the abilities that Cressida possesses, they are destined to unite. His need of her goes beyond anything he has ever experienced.

They form a powerful alliance but can they discover and defeat the powerful enemies that plot the Sentinel's and ultimately humankind's downfall . Will they survive to fulfil their pre ordained destiny.

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