Nature's Diet Cookbook & Meal Planner

Wheat-free, Dairy-free, Guilt-free Healthy Home-style Family Recipes and World Flavors
Nature's Diet Cookbook takes the message taught from Iverson’s first self-health book, Nature's Diet,and applies it to your own kitchen! Finally a simple, all-in-one cooking and meal planning guide with over 400 nutritious and delicious recipes to create Nature’s perfectly balanced meals from.
More than just a cookbook, Dr. Iverson teaches how to determine your own unique metabolism so you can choose a nutrition plan and recipes that work best to keep you healthy and fit—just as he does with his patients in the clinic. Incorporating his clinical wisdom of natural healing along with his mother’s experience of home cooking and baking, Dr. Iverson has created a an all-in-one cooking and meal-planning manual that anyone can use to make healthful, delightful food from their own home.
You’ll find nothing fake or artificial in this cookbook, just pure wholesome ingredients directly from the Earth—just as Nature intended. Whether you want to eat to gain back your health, provide your family with nutritious meals, entertain for parties, or simply want to enjoy a special dish all to yourself, you will be impressed how enjoyable and delicious cooking healthy food can be.

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