Resisting the Challenges of the 21st Century

So, how’s that 21st century working out for you?

Perhaps it seems like death by a thousand paper cuts.

Oh, sure, we have all the big problems that have plagued Society since time began. Unfortunately, the number of small, seemingly insurmountable problems that keep cropping up in all parts of life seems to be multiplying.

While taking Arms against a Sea of Troubles may sound like a promising idea, the probable result is less than ideal. Instead, this book will show you how to use a diverse set of tools to deal with the small challenges: humor, irony, poignancy, relevant context, common sense, and even old man memories of how we did it back in my day. 

Can’t end any worse than that taking arms idea.

The book is organized into six sections, each of which focuses on a specific topic, so it is possible to easily pick and choose which of the 40 chapters you read carefully or skim thru depending on which challenges you face:

•Coping with Life in the 21st Century
•The Future 
•Television and Movies 
•Comic Books and Games 

Along the way, the book touches on topics as diverse as: 
•correcting past mistakes the Academy made with the Oscars
•the correct age for a senior
•Common Core Math
•the Mandela Effect
•seating on an airplane
•World of Warcraft
•cable companies and their stealth money grab
•applying science fiction principles to Supreme Court decisions

There’s even one Billion Dollar idea that you should start working on ASAP.

And, of course, there’s the never-ending battle with the soul-destroying need to pay for cheese when you don’t want any.

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