Soul 7 Poetry 4 The Soul: "The Black Diaries" (Volume 2)     

Rising poet, author and spoken word artist Eyce Diggi has recently released her new poetry book “The Black Diaries” which motivates to chase dreams no matter how challenging the situation seems to be. All those struggling with challenges thrown by life- all those trying hard to find their place in the world- help is on the way. Rising poet Eyce Diggi has recently released her new poetry book “The Black Diaries” that inspires to live the life of dreams even in the face of adversity. It extends the needed fillip to bravely wade through the bad times towards the good times ahead. A thoughtful spirited poet and author, Eyce writes motivational conscious real world poetry to help people who need some inspiration in life. Her works touch on a number of aspects such as depression, freedom to be one self, self-love and overcoming struggles in daily life. She is also a spoken word artist. “The Black Diaries” represents an ensemble of 7 poems which talk about the myriad struggles we encounter everyday with depression, domestic violence, acceptance or self love. Most importantly, the book is meant to help the readers in elevating themselves and finding their true worth. Eyce has especially chosen the #7 for its neurological significance. According to numerology, 7 is one of the most powerful numbers and it’s the ultimate truth seeker. It does not take anything by the face value and always believes there is more to a thing or situation than what meets the eye. Eyce’ s poems also follow a similar philosophy where they urge the reader to look beyond the apparent sad times towards a brighter future. “My poetries are meant to free you from past baggage. They are for everybody, whether you are a man, a woman, a member of LGBT community, a college student, an executive on the verge of retirement- or anybody who needs some positive inspiration in life.”