The Andrew Offerman Chronicles, Vol. II: Breaking Cupid's Arrow     

The only thing harder than making a name for yourself in the sixth grade is making a name for yourself in the sixth grade. Andrew Offerman and his best friend, Bo, have just begun to figure that out as they make their way through the chaotic world of middle school. The boys have big hearts, but they are also very mischievous. They know the difference between right and wrong, but they usually go about things the wrong way before they get it right. "The Andrew Offerman Chronicles" are a lighthearted, very funny glimpse into the mind of an 11 year old boy who yearns to be an adult and is much smarter than he thinks.

In "Breaking Cupid’s Arrow", Andrew and Bo must work quickly to keep Bo's mother from falling in love with Principal Fairchild. Sixth grade is hard enough. It will only get worse if Bo becomes the principal's son. Soon though, the boys realize that Cupid is out to get everyone. No one is safe from that little, diaper wearing sharp shooter. Not even Andrew and Bo.