The Thinking Tree     

Ever wondered if the forces of nature around us have thoughts, feelings, even memories?

Philosophy comes in many forms, but until now, we haven’t considered it from a tree’s perspective.

This book showcases their influences on their surroundings and their feelings on the destructive path that is human nature.
In these stories, we witness the wisdom and observed reflections of one single, old tree.
We, as humans, need to understand how the different aspects of nature must feel, and how they perceive our different emotions, in order to be able to live in harmony.
They feel our struggle trying to make a name for ourselves in this world, they perceive the wonderful jitters of first love and first kiss, they emphasize with the need to find companionship.
The tree’s thoughts and old worldly wisdom are an important compass for which direction the development of humans needs to go in to be in kinship with nature.
After reading, you may feel enlightened, and hopefully you will want to look after our precious world.
I hope these stories make you grateful for the world we live in and the way it looks after us, it is imperative that we start now to fight back against the destruction we have caused, and to be able to regain and restore the earth to its former glory.
These short stories will leave you feeling peaceful and sunny, as we travel together through the depths of human emotion, and how it affects the organisms surrounding us.
It will ultimately give you a fresh, new perspective on life!

From reading each of these short stories, you may:

  • Feel a sense/urge to take part in conservation, or other environmental activities.
  • Feel a melancholic happiness wash over you as you read about our destructiveness.
  • Be joyful about the different people that come and go into our lives, and affect our decisions.
  • Be grateful for nature looking after us even though we don’t give a lot back.
  • Feel an urge to learn more about the different areas of philosophy and how they affect each of our lives.

˃˃˃ 5 stars!!!!

This book is so amazing. It has made me cry, smile and mad. I love how the book was written in a trees perspective, very rare!

˃˃˃ A unique view point of philosophy that will change your life.

Wonderful book with a beautiful concept

˃˃˃ Great Read

This short yet touching story made me go back to a mindset as a kid. That everything thought something.

Grab your copy today!