Tikvah: The Science of Hope, Pearls of Possibilities, and Universal Truths


The Most High gave the average person 28,000 days to leave a legacy. But most people are caught in a cycle of merely surviving and living beneath their destiny. Millions of hardworking people live their lives in the despair and the hopelessness that comes from life’s disappointments. They experience daily an environment that is not a harmonious balance of worship, work, and service. Until Now! Tikvah, which is Hebrew for Hope, is a compelling invitation to take an epic journey to discover the Keys to Living an Unlimited Life and releasing individual Pearls of Possibility. In this book, K.A. Perkins explains the science of hope, the art of activating one’s pearls of possibility, and universal truths that govern our TIKVAH. 

This powerful book is the result of K.A. Perkins' 10-year journey to understand the power and complexities of TIKVAH (Hope). This personal and spiritual manifesto explains how hope operates in the lives of YHWH’s Children from the realm of the cosmos to its powerful ability to sustain them daily in peace and harmony. This insightful, life-changing book will encourage, provoke, and awaken the Ruach within and propel you to transform the world by inspiring others to live a life of TIKVAH.