Welwyn Ardsley and the Cosmic Ninjas: Preparing Your Child, and Yourself for Anesthesia and Surgery


Welwyn Ardsley and the Cosmic Ninjas: Preparing Your Child and Yourself for Anesthesia and Surgery takes a unique approach, launching children on an exciting, imaginative adventure that turns the hospital, operating room, and staff into a world of spaceships and germ-fighting ninjas. 

In this book, author David Rosenblum, MD, guides children through the process of undergoing surgery, from talking to the surgeon and hospital staff to becoming familiar with the operating room equipment. 

In the imagination of little Welwyn Ardsley, the anesthesia mask is transformed into a high-altitude pilot’s mask, the glowing pulse oximeter on his finger shoots lasers, and he becomes a space superhero on a mission to save his sister’s teddy bear from bad germs. The operating room staff in their green scrubs turn into Welwyn’s team of Cosmic Ninjas, and what would otherwise have been a frightening ordeal becomes a heroic adventure, helping to instill confidence and expand your child’s mind for a richer real-life experience. 

Dr. Rosenblum also addresses parental concerns with a thorough, adult discussion of the process of surgery. He also includes a helpful atlas of operating room medical equipment that allows children to become more familiar with the hospital setting before their arrival for surgery.