Baker's Gold and Redemption     

Francis Baker’s flair as a thief is unmatched when it comes to his skill at remaining undetected, whether as a pickpocket or when committing a burglary. The suspense builds when he falls into the clutches of criminals who wish to make use of his abilities. They get more than they bargained for when he escapes and turns the tables on them. A continent away, he attempts to become an honest, law-abiding citizen, and escape the notice of those searching for him. Unfortunately he has picked up a raging case of kleptomania, not the safest of maladies to have if you want to remain unnoticed. 
Francis is once more discovered by his enemies. All he holds dear is threatened with death and destruction. Murder, mayhem, love and kleptomania are mixed together with a dusting of humor in this suspense-filled murder mystery.

Francis has given up his thieving ways–kind of. Now he’s busy using his skills in unconventional ways for his friends’ security company. He and his associates stumble on a child sex slave ring that operates out of Victoria, B.C., and sells these innocents abroad to the highest bidder. Francis and his team take action to wipe out this vile trade.
The brutal reaction by the organization responsible threatens not only Francis’ life, but those of his companions. It’s a race against time to see who will survive: The slavers, or Francis and his violence-prone crew. Suspense and action highlight this second novel in a series.