Blunders Singles Must Avoid       

Blunders Singles Must Avoid

Avoid mistakes singles make!

Do you think the problem with your love life is due to being unable to find a good catch?

Do you think it has to do with cosmic error?

Maybe now is the time to get rid of those thoughts and consider that it might be what you as a single man or woman are thinking and doing that is causing problem in your relationship.

When it comes to courtship, both sexes often think they have the best ideas of how a courtship should be. It’s however, disheartening that they end up making big mistakes in the end.

Popular author and speaker, [Major Daughter], who has passion for families, has shared her wisdom in her book titled “Blunders Singles Must Avoid.”

Blunders Singles Must Avoid will open your eyes to realize the grievous mistakes that singles should avoid before they say “I do.” During the journey of marital life, partners are bound to make mistakes. Understanding the mistakes discussed in this book will afford you the opportunity of avoiding them if you plan on getting married soon.

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