Breaking Functional Dysfunction (Volume 1)     

Breaking Functional Dysfunction is literally about breaking functional dysfunction, its a self-help book that helps you change your life in 21 days. This book is for you if you find yourself feeling unfulfilled with life and have come to an in-between place. It’s a place that 12 years of watered down education did not teach you, your parents could not prepare you for and the outside world couldn’t teach you. If you’re not careful in this place you will run through friends and lovers like water, work hard for a company you aren’t even passionate about, or look up and life has passed you by. The place that you’re in is called functional dysfunction, and after my 25-year stent in it, I decided to get out. Researchers will tell you it takes 21 days to break a habit, but I implore you to understand you’ve been living from your childhood into your adulthood in functional dysfunction, so you’ll need to buckle down for the next 21 days as it will change your life.