Colors of Love: A Heartwarming Story About Love and Friendship     

In this bestselling children's book, join the fun with Billy Bee in Colors of Love, a wonderful part of “The Adventures of Billy Bee” series! 
After Billy Bee falls asleep on leaf, he floats far away down a stream to a place he has never been before. At first he is surrounded by dark trees, creepy sounds, and snapping twigs, but once he meets a joyful character named Jolly Jillie, she takes him to her hometown.
In the colorful Land of Rainbow Light, Billy Bee meets a rainbow of other brilliant bugs. But how will Billy ever get home safely? Will he ever see his mom and dad again? 
In this first book in “The Adventures of Billy Bee” series, learn about the true power of love, friendship, and belief. Each page’s beautiful illustrations make the characters come to life, and the valuable lessons of the story will stay with you and your child long after the last page is turned. 
Fans of the Bee Movie and other fun children's stories will love this kid's story book all about the color of friendship.
Your children will ask you to read them Billy Bee again and again! Make some memories and buy this book for your child today. 

Hey, kids! Can you find the hidden images in the book?

There are several hidden images in the book: the number 327, two chickens, two rabbits, three dogs, a spider, a fish, and two cats. Can you find them all?


"My two-year-old daughter Sophia LOVES this book! She asks me to read it to her several times a day, and she also loves Callie's Wish (coming soon). Every time she sees a bee she says "Billy Bee!" She asks to read Billy Bee as soon as she wakes up in the morning and before she goes to sleep.Sophia loves the illustrations, the story, and the characters. When we get to the page when Jolly Jollie first comes into the story, she always exclaims, "Jolly Jillie!" She is only two now, so I'm not sure if she understands the valuable message in this book yet, but I know we will be reading this series for years to come, and soon my infant son Tristan will also love it. I know as they grow older they will begin to understand and learn from the lessons in this series. Thank you, Peter Thomas and John Mahomet, for creating a beautiful children's series. We can't wait for the rest of the books in this series!"
-Ashley Emma, multi-bestselling author of Undercover Amish, Fearless Author, and The Ashley's Amish Adventures Series