Check this out for a moment to understand what I mean...
Are you familiar with any of the following scenarios?
You read a lot of books but never seem to find that magic bullet that can help you live the kind of life you dream of.

You take massive amounts of action but never seem to go anywhere or amount to any measurable results.
You go through a disappointing event and promise yourself that you'll never allow something like that to happen again yet months or even years later you find yourself in the same situation.
You always feel like you're on the outside. And no matter how hard you try to understand and connect better with people, in the end, you feel like an alien that can't build any meaningful relationships.
You try to be a good person that lives a calm and easy life but somehow you always get dragged into drama and complicated situations where people take advantage or step all over you.
You want to express yourself more freely but every time you do so you feel like the world immediately denies you and just pushes you back into your place.
You keep yourself busy with things that you know are not moving you in the direction that you want in life because you're too scared to go for the things that actually excite you and this thought keeps lingering in the back of your mind.
You feel like you're at the pinnacle of what is considered successful in terms of professional and personal life yet deep down inside you still feel like you're not enough and that it can all be taken back at any moment.
If you found yourself in any of these scenarios don't worry...