Everything You've Ever Done

By the time she’s twenty, Amelia has survived an unconventional childhood and experienced darkness and death. She relishes the carefree life she finds with Dave, her rock star soul mate. The couple lives fast and full—getting married, traveling, adventuring, and creating.
The story turns to heartbreaking drama and medical mystery as Dave’s bizarre personality changes cause their lives to spin out of control. Forced to face a terrifying reality, Amelia and Dave buckle in for a rocket blast through cosmic truth and spiritual discovery.
This book is about the worst things happening. It’s about falling and breaking and making mistakes and being bad. And it’s about everything being OK and everything you’ve ever done being right and true. It’s about light and dark existing simultaneously.
Amelia and Dave each got knocked down again and again. They each lost love and felt abandoned. And they were saved by love. They learned a new depth of human connection. They saw each other through.
Everything You’ve Ever Done is a story for both the doubters and believers. It shows that we can be seen through and that faith really works, even when (or maybe especially when) we feel like giving up, when we are destroyed by life. It demonstrates facing both life and death with an open heart, and confirms we have the power to choose bold survival in the face of devastation. Death isn’t the end. Love isn’t temporary.