For five years now, Shamya and Tia had enjoyed a blissful and loving relationship. Their meeting, at a local night club, had been unexpected but had led to a deep understanding between them and a commitment to one another that both viewed as being unbreakable.
But as their fifth anniversary approached, their happy and contented lives were about to be thrown into turmoil.
Tia believes that they should take their relationship to the next level and buy a home together, but Shamya, who is working hard to climb the corporate ladder isn’t so sure. As doubt about Shamya’s dedication to their relationship creeps into Tia’s mind, another, more threatening problem surfaces.
Natasha, Shamya’s old flame, makes contact and makes it clear that she wants Shamya back in her life and it’s not in her nature to take ‘no’ for an answer.
The past often has a way of reappearing and impacting on a person’s future. But will Shamya and Tia’s relationship survive Natasha’s return? Or is it not quite as indestructible as they had first thought?